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my ears are burning
I sent an email to some of my clients asking for a quote to put on my site. Here's what I got back...

Bruce Hart, HC Studios, San Jose, California

"Make up a quote (hopefully something better than "he's not that bad") and we'll probably just ok it (or tweak it a bit). If you wait for us to come up with something it might never happen (we're swamped at the moment). I think I'd be inclined to point out that you know what the heck you're doing, that you work very efficiently, that you don't make mistakes very often, that you are willing to take the initiative to overcome roadblocks, that you produce clean HTML, and that you have good design sensibilities. Jeez, sounds like we should try to hire you ..."

Dave Philpott, PICS International Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Please don't hire Matt. He's our "trade secret" and part of the reason my web design firm is growing by leaps and bounds!"

Dave B., an IT company focused on the construction industry, Northern Florida

"Matt has done a great job on contract work for us. He's consistently able to meet very tight deadlines and produce quality work"

Eric Puetz, AdNet, Chicago, Illinois

"We are very pleased to have Matt as part of our team of programmers, designers, and support staff that we use to build out cutting edge ecommerce and database sites for our clients. His strong visual style is tempered by a solid midwestern sensibility which combines to produce cool, functional sites... Matt is a great choice for your company's internet identity."

Dave Barnes, Marketing Tactics, Denver, Colorado

"Matt has been working for me for over 2 years. He is great at designing visually interesting and useful websites. He has a strong knowledge of HTML. Most important, he delivers accurate work on time."