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put up or shut up, eh?
Here's a few sites you can look at. These all appear here with the permission of their respective owners.

There are three parts to each description. First is the name of the company for whom the site was designed and/or built (my clients' clients). The firm which I contracted from is second (my clients). A description of the company along with my involvement in the project is in the paragraphs that follow.

There are usually 6-8 jobs listed below but I've worked on hundreds of projects. If you'd like to see more, let me know - there's more to see!

If it's logos you'd like to see - here they are.


Sevenish Law Firm / LifeGrid Internet

    Sevenish Law is a personal injury lawfirm located in Indianapolis.
    I'm responsible for the look & feel as well as the coding and build-out of this site.

Lyn St. James / LifeGrid Internet

    Lyn St. James is the 2nd woman to ever race in the Indianapolis 500, and the first to be named "Rookie of the Year".
    I'm responsible for concept & most of the design and coding for this site.

Nations Energy / Greenhouse Communications

    Nations Energy constructs, owns and operates onsite "Energy Centers" for industry across North America.
    I'm responsible for the look & feel as well as the coding for this site.

PSD Solutions / Greenhouse Communications

    PSD is a software company specializing in application development & network solutions.
    I'm responsible for concept & most of the design and coding for this site.
    This site has changed somewhat since my involvement. The link below will take you to a local copy.

RackISP / RackISP is a subsidiary of WELNET Internet Services, a provider of Internet/Intranet solutions.
    I'm responsible for the design & production of this site, as well as the little smidge of flash on the splash.

Tan Club / AdLeap Promotional Items

    Tan Club is one of the Dallas/Fort Worth area's premier tanning facilities.
    I'm responsible the design & coding for this site.

Boston Bruins Alumni / RackISP

    Boston Bruins Alumni, not suprisingly :), is the official website of the Boston Bruins Alumni Association
    I'm responsible the look & feel and the production of their site.

Pulse Media / Pulse Media

    Pulse Media LLC is a full service agency specializing in print & broadcast advertising.
    Link to site removed as the domain has been taken over by german porno - mutterfickers!

Indiana Trial Lawyers Association / LifeGrid Internet

    Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, is an association of lawyers - trial lawyers - in Indiana. Great description :)
    I'm responsible for the design & coding on this site, as well as a little bit of flash and also the clean-up and colorization of their logo.